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My Luscious Lips and the $1.99 Lipstick that You Need in Your Life

My Luscious Lips and the $1.99 Lipstick that You Need in Your Life

I just can’t get enough of these Wet ‘N Wild Mega Last Lip Colors, and they are only $1.99! As you can see… I have about 7 of them…

Ok, a quick review:

They are matte, long-wearing lipsticks that are SUPER pigmented. They Last for HOURS and don’t dry out the lips too much, either. They always have a great selection of colors–both classic and trendy colors. Basically, they feel and act like a high-end $30 lipstick…that being said, the packaging is where it looks like a $1.99 lipstick. It’s super flimsy, acrylic packaging that breaks easily… so, you have to be a bit careful of the packaging, but I still carry about 4 of these in my handbag at any given moment.

Lipstick quality: *****
Packaging: **
Colors: *****
Price: *****

Check out my Lipstick board on Pinterest for some inspiration, and then go grab one of these Lovelies!

Lipstick colors in order from top to bottom, or lightest to darkest:

  • 902C Bare It All
  • 903C Just Peachy
  • 901B Think Pink
  • 905D Smokinโ€™ Hot Pink
  • 970ย  ย  Purty Persimmon
  • 965ย  ย  Cherry Picking
  • 918D Cherry Bomb