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How to Match Your Blush to Your Lipstick

COLOR: you need to know what color you are, and also that different rules apply to makeup than to clothes–I wear bright, jewel-toned cool colors very well, and tend to look odd and washed out in warm colors or pale colors. However, my face has a lot of pink and red in it, so to neutralize the pink tone in my skin, I tend to wear foundations with a yellow base and a lot of peach blushes. The ideal color of skin is neutral, so I neutralize my skin! 🙂 This makes you radiant and glow–especially if you wear clothes that complement your skin tone!

As a general rule, you want to have one base color for all your products–so if you are wearing brown/gold eyeshadow, then you want warm colors such as a coral lipstick and a peach blush. Similarly, if you are wearing cool colors, such as silver/blue/cool browns/black, than you are going to want to complement them with a cool blush and lipstick.



IMG_4466**Please Excuse the Toilet Paper! 🙂 #FAIL

As you can see, all these colors complement each other and even though the shades range from light warm coral/pink to dark warm wine to bright red to peach to nude, they all have that warm base, so they look wonderful together! Below is a gallery of me wearing the different lipsticks with the different blushes and bronzers. As you can see, they make me look pretty healthy and glowy, even though I am exhausted and a bit sick!




So as you can see, the same goes for the pinks! Below is a gallery of me wearing the different lipsticks with the different blushes. As you can see, I look washed out and fatigued.

So, I hope this was helpful! I wanted to change my eye look too, but I was too tired. 😉 However, the same rules apply, so play and enjoy!






1 Product 4 Ways

You know those days when you have morning classes or work, but you just NEEEEED those extra 15 minutes of sleep? Then you wake up with 15 minutes to get dressed, eat breakfast, make coffee…. and no time to put on your makeup. This is when a multi-tasking product is super useful–I speak from experience (I had an 8:15 am class last semester)… I have now taught myself to put on a decent face of makeup in less than 3 minutes.

This is a very natural look–one that I created in about 2 1/2 mins, so this isn’t a complicated glamorous look…just an everyday look.

I am featuring the NYX Blush in Taupe today, but you could use a bronzer or any brown or grey-based blush instead. I prefer using grey or taupe-based products because they mimic the natural shadows of your face, so they tend to look more natural. A bronzer will give you a more sun-kissed bronzy look, which is slightly less natural looking on my fair skin, but on darker skin it would look more natural.

One product 4 ways:

  • 1: As Blush
  • 2: As Contour
  • 3: As Eyeshadow (Crease Color)
  • 4: As Eyebrow Powder




So, I used the Taupe blush to contour my under my cheekbones and nose, I used it as blush on my cheeks, and then I used it as a brow powder to fill them in and create a darker brow, and then finally as a eyeshadow (I put some gold shimmer on the mobile part of the lid after). Needless to say…it’s super simple and cheap!




My Luscious Lips and the $1.99 Lipstick that You Need in Your Life

My Luscious Lips and the $1.99 Lipstick that You Need in Your Life

I just can’t get enough of these Wet ‘N Wild Mega Last Lip Colors, and they are only $1.99! As you can see… I have about 7 of them…

Ok, a quick review:

They are matte, long-wearing lipsticks that are SUPER pigmented. They Last for HOURS and don’t dry out the lips too much, either. They always have a great selection of colors–both classic and trendy colors. Basically, they feel and act like a high-end $30 lipstick…that being said, the packaging is where it looks like a $1.99 lipstick. It’s super flimsy, acrylic packaging that breaks easily… so, you have to be a bit careful of the packaging, but I still carry about 4 of these in my handbag at any given moment.

Lipstick quality: *****
Packaging: **
Colors: *****
Price: *****

Check out my Lipstick board on Pinterest for some inspiration, and then go grab one of these Lovelies! http://www.pinterest.com/baetit/my-luscious-lips/

Lipstick colors in order from top to bottom, or lightest to darkest:

  • 902C Bare It All
  • 903C Just Peachy
  • 901B Think Pink
  • 905D Smokin’ Hot Pink
  • 970    Purty Persimmon
  • 965    Cherry Picking
  • 918D Cherry Bomb