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Outfit of the Day: Sunday Brunch and Bridal Shower

Morning Glory

Today I am wearing a beautiful dress from Target which I got for an amazing deal: $8:47!! The material is very thin and so it is perfect for sunny Florida. It is super comfortable, and perfect for day-time events, because it is bright and cheerful, but also very modest. I love how the black detailing draws the eye upwards, so if you are a pear-shape (body type) like me, having more detailing on the upper part of the body can make you look more proportionate. Also, if, like me, you have a smaller bust, the detailing on the bust will create the illusion of more volume.


I designed and made the necklace myself; using a thick industrial wire, I bent it this way and that, to create a zig-zagged collar necklace that was inspired by some of the ancient Egyptian jewelry. I created little bunches of stone beads, and wired them to the necklace. I think it turned out rather well! I call it my Pharaoh’s Daughter Necklace. 😉

The cocktail ring is by Forever 21, and goes perfectly with almost everything in my closet!

The clutch was a super fun project! My sister, Maria, bought me a cream clutch from Nine West and lots of beautiful beads, and I glued all the beads on in fun patterns. It was inspired by a Emilio Pucci clutch that was on the runway last year.

nova shoes

The shoes are one of my most prized possessions! My extremely generous brother-in-law and sister bought them for me. They are by Jimmy Choo, and they are a limited edition pair of the Nova shoe. The lace is by Valentino. I love how the delicate lace compliments the simple silhouette. They add glamour and elegance to any outfit, and they are surprisingly comfortable to walk in.

rhw makeup

Since I have so many accessories and so many little details, I wanted to keep the makeup understated and fresh—also I am going to day-time events, so it needed to be day-time appropriate. Inspired by Rosy Huntington-Whitely, I created a soft natural eye with a light shimmery browny/bronzy shade, then I added a bit of pencil eyeliner and mascara. I used foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, and a highlight on the face, and ended with a bright, but still soft, coral lipstick. This took about 3-4 minutes to accomplish.

Similarly, I wanted to keep the hair simple, but since I wanted to show off my necklace (and because it is hot outside…and I didn’t have time to wash it today), I made a braid along my hairline on the side of the head, then gathered my hair into a low bun, and pinned it onto my head with some bobby pins, and ended with a dash of hair spray. This took also took about 3-4 minutes to accomplish.