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First Things First: Closet Confidential

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Peek into a woman’s closet, and you peek into her personality,Β character and identity. You can tell if she likes bright colors or likes black,Β whether she is conservative or flamboyant, whether she is organized or messy, cheerful or morose…

So, here is a peek into my IDENTITY! As you can see, I LOVE color, I am flamboyant, and I’m (usually) pretty organized. Β I love bold jewelry, bold makeup, and bold clothes. I am literally such a crazy-colorful dresser that people stop me in the airport to tell me how cheerful and chicΒ I look. πŸ™‚ So!Β I want to share my tips for creating a home for your expressive side–your clothes and accessories!

Tip # 1: Organize and sort your clothes and accessories at LEAST 2 times a year. I honestly do this about 10 times a year, no joke. It really just lets you know what clothes are lurking in the shadows, and lets you be inspired by memories of times past… Sigh. You don’t have to stress yourself out by thinking, “I NEED to get rid of 4 items.” Relax. It’s clothes– not food. Since I have so many colorful clothes, I color code everything, and put like with like: i.e. put the dresses together, the t-shirts, skirts, trousers, shorts… etc.Β Organization is key for inspiration AND practicality.

Tip # 2: Put pretty things on display for inspiration. I hang all my jewelry on the wall, and lay out my scarves on a shelve where I can see them. If you have a killer pair of shoes that call, “I am chic,” at you, display them! Beauty is inspirational, and it can make dressing well more enjoyable, too!

Tip # 3: Keep your shoes in their boxes and stack them in a corner. If there is no picture or description of shoes are inside, write on some painter’s tape with a sharpie, and stick the tag on the front of the box. Not only will your shoes be well preserved, but your closet/room will…. smell better. I only keep a few pairs of shoes on display, and store all the rest in their boxes. It is also super easy to find which shoes you want to wear this way….

These tips are great for every-day life, but are also GREAT for when you are packing for a trip; since all my clothes are color-coordinated, it makes putting outfits together a breeze!