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DE-STRESS: Bruckner, Van Gogh, Merlot, Face-mask and Lipstick


I’m sitting here in my room, listening to Bruckner’s 7th symphony with my favorite face mask on, while sipping an Argentinian Merlot in my new lipstick from Milani. I am painting a copy of a Van Gogh gothic chapel. Life is good. Well….mostly good. I am de-stressing from a day at the hospital—don’t worry, it wasn’t an emergency… (a pesky heart issue) However, I always have to de-stress from hospital days (of which I have many). Here are my tips for rejuvenation after an exhausting day of work/sickness/traveling…you name it.


Tip # 1: Either shower, or if you have the time, take a bath with some nice essential oils, and a candle or two. Slap on your favorite face mask.

Tip # 2: Change into loose, comfortable, warm clothes. Anything restrictive can aggravate your body, so loose is key.

Tip # 3: Do some simple stretches. I recommend Tara Stile’s yoga clips on YouTube—some of them are 4 mins long, and very easy and gentle. Your body will thank you. I’m doing the 30-Day Yoga Challenge, and here is day five:

Tip # 4: First drink 2 big glasses of water. Then mix yourself a cocktail, or pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine.


Tip # 5: Dim the lights (especially overhead lights). Too much light can give you a headache, and will stress you out.

Tip # 6: Turn on some classical music. There is nothing like a Chopin nocturne to melt away woes.

Tip # 7: Enter favorite blog, book, movie, activity… I’m watching “Call the Midwife.”–it’s soooo good!

Tip # 8: SLEEP.




The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen

“The earth has music for those who listen.” ~ Shakespeare



Today I encourage you to take the time to take a walk, open your window, or just go on your balcony and take a moment to appreciate the great beauty of nature. I love to take walks and listen to music–I feel like my senses are almost overpowered with the great beauty, peace, and joy that both nature and music give me.


Here is some music that I have been listening to endlessly:


  • The rose garden photo was taken in England, at a mansion in the countryside… the aroma of the roses was breath-taking.
  • The chapel photo was taken in Austria, a mile from the house I grew up in. Whenever I need peaceful imagery to think about, I always think of this chapel, nestled amongst the trees on top of a mountain…