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Chunky Necklace


This chunky and edgy necklace that I hand made is now one of my go to necklaces for a night out.Β IΒ used tortoise shell beads with crystal spikes and pearls individually wire wrapped onto sturdy gold chains. I love mixing the edgy crystal spikes with the more classic pearls and gold chains. I love this necklace for dressing up a casual outfit or topping off a fancy little black dress. IMG_4338 IMG_4341


The Friendship Bracelet TREND, and How to Wear It

Friendship bracelets bring back memories of long road trips with my family, driving through Europe visiting some of the most beautiful places on earth. To wile the hours away, my sister and I would knot our friendship bracelets, and try out fun and new designs, which we would then bestow upon our friends with much pride… This season, to my joy, friendship bracelets have been trending, both on the runway and on street–but these bracelets are the next-level-bracelets. With new textures and with added hardware, these bracelets are stacked with bangles, watches, and fine jewelry to create a slightly more casual/bohemian feel to any outfit. Below are some examples of ways that the friendship bracelet can be worn in a very grown-up way.IMG_4608IMG_4609IMG_4610IMG_4612

Stack the bracelets with chunky chains and hardware for a more edgy look…IMG_4613IMG_4615

Stack with bangles and spikes that match your rings…IMG_4616

Stack them as high as you can for a statement look…IMG_4617

Match and combine like colors with like…IMG_4618

Match the bracelets to your nail polish and clutch…IMG_4619IMG_4620

Bracelets are an easy way to add color and vibrancy to any outfit…IMG_4621

Wear with fine jewelry and fancy clothes for a fun, colorful look.2042511fa78727976cc7e17066d65f5dIMG_4624

Making my own bracelets…. πŸ˜‰

IMG_4474Β IMG_4635

IMG_4478 IMG_4502 Β Β IMG_4505 Β Β  Β IMG_4510 Β Β Β IMG_4514 Β IMG_4523 IMG_4524 IMG_4565 IMG_4566 IMG_4567Β Β IMG_4656 IMG_4657 IMG_4658

The Making of a Baroque Lace Collar Necklace

First I sketched a rough picture of what I wanted to make, then I went to Hobby Lobby and Joe Ann’s Fabrics to get the things I needed.


Here is a list of the materials used:

  • Fresh water and fake pearls of various sizes.
  • Mother of pearl shell shards.
  • Various colors (cream, yellow, clear, and light pink) and shapes of crystals, both Swarovski and others.
  • Silver deco beads.
  • Swarovski silver and crystal rondelle spacer beads.
  • A two-inch lace, a trimmer lace, and another thicker, stretchy lace that was about 1 1/2 inches thick.
  • Head pins.
  • Clasp.
  • Mod Podge Shiny finishing spray.
  • Pliers.

Step One: Cut two pieces of a wide lace and arrange in a V shape.

Step Two: Sew the two pieces together, and then sew in some pleats so that the necklace curves around your neck. Keep on trying it on to make sure that it fits around your neck well.

Setp One

Step Three: Sew a lace trim on the inside of the necklace for an added touch.

step three

Step Four: Sew another piece of lace on top of the wide lace–this will give more support for the hundreds of beads that we will attach later.

Step four

Step Five: Sew a chain of peals and crystals on the edge of the wide lace and onto of the trim lace. This will create a more “professional” look.

step 5

StepΒ Six: Sew a clasp on. I got a clasp that had three rings on it which I sewed, and then reenforced with wire–this is a necessary step because the necklace will be very heavy, and so it needs the extra support, otherwise the clasp will tear off. Β I finished the clasp by spraying it with a finishing spray so that it won’t tarnish or rust.

six and seven

Step Seven: Finally attach the beads! Put them on a head pin, trim, and bend, attaching it to the necklace. I first attached the bigger, statement beads evenly, and then added hundreds of little pearls, crystals, and mother of pearl shell shards. You can add as many or as few as you like–depending on how full you want it to be.


How to style: I paired the necklace with a strapless dress, which created the illusion of having a halter neck line. Since it is such a statement necklace, make sure to keep other accessories to a minimum. I also wear this necklace with a pair of jeans and some killer nude heels (sorry, no pics). I am planning on wearing it with a navy v-neck maxi dress for a fancy event.






Outfit of the Day: Sunday Brunch and Bridal Shower

Morning Glory

Today I am wearing a beautiful dress from Target which I got for an amazing deal: $8:47!! The material is very thin and so it is perfect for sunny Florida. It is super comfortable, and perfect for day-time events, because it is bright and cheerful, but also very modest. I love how the black detailing draws the eye upwards, so if you are a pear-shape (body type) like me, having more detailing on the upper part of the body can make you look more proportionate. Also, if, like me, you have a smaller bust, the detailing on the bust will create the illusion of more volume.


I designed and made the necklace myself; using a thick industrial wire, I bent it this way and that, to create a zig-zagged collar necklace that was inspired by some of the ancient Egyptian jewelry. I created little bunches of stone beads, and wired them to the necklace.Β I think it turned out rather well! I call it my Pharaoh’s Daughter Necklace. πŸ˜‰

The cocktail ring is by Forever 21, and goes perfectly with almost everything in my closet!

The clutch was a super fun project! My sister, Maria, bought me a cream clutch from Nine West and lots of beautiful beads, and I glued all the beads on in fun patterns. It was inspired by a Emilio Pucci clutch that was on the runway last year.

nova shoes

The shoes are one of my most prized possessions! My extremely generous brother-in-law and sister bought them for me. They are by Jimmy Choo, and they are a limited edition pair of the Nova shoe. The lace is by Valentino. I love how the delicate lace compliments the simple silhouette. They add glamour and elegance to any outfit, and they are surprisingly comfortable to walk in.

rhw makeup

Since I have so many accessories and so many little details, I wanted to keep the makeup understated and freshβ€”also I am going to day-time events, so it needed to be day-time appropriate. Inspired by Rosy Huntington-Whitely, I created a soft natural eye with a light shimmery browny/bronzy shade, then I added a bit of pencil eyeliner and mascara. I used foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, and a highlight on the face, and ended with a bright, but still soft, coral lipstick. This took about 3-4 minutes to accomplish.

Similarly, I wanted to keep the hair simple, but since I wanted to show off my necklace (and because it is hot outside…and I didn’t have time to wash it today), I made a braid along my hairline on the side of the head, then gathered my hair into a low bun, and pinned it onto my head with some bobby pins, and ended with a dash of hair spray. This took also took about 3-4 minutes to accomplish.