Why are French Women so Chic?

Everyone knows that French women are undeniably chic. But why? I will endeavor to show why I think they are so chic, and share some ideas of how to incorporate some French styling tips into your style.

Obviously, it all started with Coco Chanel and her revolutionary couture fashions for women. She was the first to incorporate men’s wear into women’s fashion, starting a revolution in women’s fashion. The way she mixed men’s materials and cuts with the feminine details of pearls, red lipstick and perfume was immediately attractive to everyone.


coco chanel

Since then, French women have always mixed the structured look of men’s wear with super feminine details, to create a simple yet powerful look. Below you see two women at a cafe wearing a Β masculine Pea Coat and a turtle neck, but with very feminine delicate details such as their handbags, their shoes, their hair etc.

cafe chic

Now we morph into the modern French woman: she is cool, classy, elegant with a hint of rock and roll edge and men’s wear as well. The epitome of this look is of course “Les Voguettes:” the editors and staff of French Vogue. They are almost always seen with skinny jeans, men’s dress shirts half tucked in, feminine pointy stilettos or kitten heels, messy rock-chic hair, and minimal makeup–although they love to sport a red lip or smoky eye. The effect is a “oh-I-just-threw-this-together” look that is simple, attractive and modern.

les voguettes

les voguette

Although French women like to seem as if they just rolled out of bed, they also love the structure and elegance of menswear, which juxtaposes against their messy hair and untucked shirts.

men's inspired

Then you have your classic French girl, who wears a lot of dark monochrome outfits, which make her look tall, slender, and elegant. However, as you can see, there is still an element of messiness, which makes the look seem very natural, instead of being too prim and proper. They love to take extremely prim and proper preppy looks (such as the classic pointy black kitten heel), and wear them with an edginess and messiness, which grounds the look. You can see the girl below’s hair and makeup are quite messy, while the rest of her outfit is quite sophisticated and classic.

Oh La La

Here are 10 essentials in a French woman’s closet:

1.) A crisp white shirt. (I get mine in the boy’s department, because they are a fraction of the cost of women’s shirts and are just as chic.)
white shirtwhite
2.) Skinny jeans, leather pants or structured trousers. (Black, white, and indigo)
3.) A little black dress.
carla bruni
4.) A dark interesting pencil skirt.
pencil skirt pencil skirt ii
5.) A trench coat.
trench coats
6.) Black heels.
kittens meaw black
7.) Chic flats.
8.) Large black sunglasses.
9.) Tailored darkΒ blazer.
10.) Silk blouse.





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