1 Product 4 Ways

You know those days when you have morning classes or work, but you just NEEEEED those extra 15 minutes of sleep? Then you wake up with 15 minutes to get dressed, eat breakfast, make coffee…. and no time to put on your makeup. This is when a multi-tasking product is super useful–I speak from experience (I had an 8:15 am class last semester)… I have now taught myself to put on a decent face of makeup in less than 3 minutes.

This is a very natural look–one that I created in about 2 1/2 mins, so this isn’t a complicated glamorous look…just an everyday look.

I am featuring the NYX Blush in Taupe today, but you could use a bronzer or any brown or grey-based blush instead. I prefer using grey or taupe-based products because they mimic the natural shadows of your face, so they tend to look more natural. A bronzer will give you a more sun-kissed bronzy look, which is slightly less natural looking on my fair skin, but on darker skin it would look more natural.

One product 4 ways:

  • 1: As Blush
  • 2: As Contour
  • 3: As Eyeshadow (Crease Color)
  • 4: As Eyebrow Powder




So, I used the Taupe blush to contour my under my cheekbonesΒ and nose, I used it as blush on my cheeks, and then I used it as a brow powder to fill them in and create a darker brow, and then finally as a eyeshadow (I put some gold shimmer on the mobile part of the lid after). Needless to say…it’s super simple and cheap!





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