How to Get the Full Eyebrow Look

I am a HUGE fan of the bold eyebrow look, and I have been so happy that it has been trending for the past few years, and is still very popular.

Naturally, I have VERY blond eyebrows (when I get sunburned, it looks like I have halos over my eyes!), so I dye my eyebrows either a very dark brown, or a slightly more subtle brown–depending on what I feel like. Β I use the RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye in Light Brown or Natural Brown


After I tint my eyebrows, I trim them with a small scissors, and pluck away the stray hairs–both above and below the eyebrow. I find that it is much easier to see what hairs to pluck if they are darker. DON’T OVER PLUCK!!!! As it was once said…

Eyebrows in Cursive


Since my eyebrows are decently full, on an everyday basis I usually just groom my brows with a tinted brow gel, or if I’m in a hurry, my mascara. When I am REALLY doing my makeup, I usually fill in any sparsities with a brow powder or with an eyeshadow.

Good eyebrows are the key to polished makeup. You can seriously wear almost no makeup, and then you put on lipstick and do your brows, and you look amazing!




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